Today I want to show you how I add color and brightness to my monthly plan.

One of the first things I do is going with lists that I want to add or mix with my plan. The most important at this point is not to overload, do not try to add as much as possible. In April I prefer to do plan and goals, these two always work great for me.

And… Let’s start! Take a pen and line your plan (use a ruler too, it will make plan more accurate). I like squares, they are perfect for a day tasks and you always can do them bigger or smaller.

After the main lines are ready I go out with letters. Pinterest will always be a great helper. Don’t be lazy to practice before you put fancy fonts to your plan. (Small tip: All my handlettering I do in pencil first to make sure that it will look nice).

So I did two steps and they were pretty easy, right? You can always stop at this point but I prefer to see more color, especially if I will see this page in my diary every single day. Give a space to your fantasy and enjoy the process. Here sketch always goes first:

Now it’s perfect time to grab some pens, markers, whatever you want and relax with coloring. I find this step the most excited: you put all parts together and just enjoy how all preparations come together to the lovely work. (Tip: In case if you want to add some brightness and clarity go around every flower with black gel pen).


Here you are done! Fill your month with awesome plans!

Happy planning!

I really hope that my April monthly plan brought some inspiration and new ideas for creations, will be grateful to see yours one in comments below and don’t forget to sign for emails to be in touch with me.