I want to share with you my step by step April monthly cover. In advance to the March topic of easy flowers, which I have already written about, I want to add some experiments with the style. In the April cove, I use watercolor as a base, and I paint the main flowers with gouache, which gives beautiful accuracy and bright.

First layer of watercolor

I performed the next stage in gouache with small strokes. Some strokes repeat the shape of the elements, others do not.

Closer look to the butterfly that I did with round strokes

And probably one the last touch that I can’t resist and not to outline the letters.

For my art monthly cover I have used JoieThings dot grid notebook, with extra heavy paper which makes painting a breeze.

Happy planning in April to everyone! Share your April covers and ideas with me in social, tag #joiethings, I always glad to see your work!