This post is a continue of my weekly series of step-by-step simple tutorials started with “Stunning bullet journal floral spreads” to give you inspiration and skills to create simple elements for your bullet journaling.

This week we will create fuchsia flower which will give you some experience with botanical illustration and could be a base for creating weekly and monthly plans, decorate your journal or just having fun with art.

Tools you will need

For this tutorial you would need just a few basic items:

  1. Your favorite dot grid notebook ( I used JoieThings Spring Garden notebook )
  2. Pencil
  3. Eraser
  4. Tombow Mono Drawing Pen #3
  5. Markers or Paint for coloring

How to Draw

Take a look on my 5 step tutorial

After you finished with sketch of the flower you can play with colors to give it a twist and match overall style

I used same fuchsia flower to decorate my March mood tracker.

If you prefer to see whole process, here is a small video how I did everything from start to end.