Dahlia is a gorgeous looking flower that gives fresh accent and fits nicely in journal, but I was always scared to try it out due so many big and small petals, until now.

I did numerous failed attempts to draw this flower until I found one secret: build the foundation of dahlia flower correctly. Now I definitely can say that Dahlia is another easy option to decorate plans.

Take a look at my step-by-step instructions and create your magnificent Dahlia flowers.

  • Draw a circle with a pencil, it will help you to determine how big you want to make your flowers. Now fill the middle with three petals, usually I direct them in the same direction as the flower stem.
  • Make four extra symmetric petals around the middle.
  • Add petals symmetrically until you have a beautiful symmetrical circle.

And here it is, Dahlia seemed so heavy to me but appeared very fast in drawing.

I also recorded step-by-step video tutorial, take a look:

Here is my April plan, where I first tried Dahlia flowers that inspired me.

All these art I created in our dot grid notebooks, one I use for plans and another for the art, where I experiment with materials and drawing, look below for your style.