Trackers are a big part of bullet journaling. Mood tracker become more and more popular, personally I find them very interesting. You can relax while painting and see your past month. Was your month really bad or you had very happy days?

I do mood tracker every month and always use two pages of my JoieThings dot grid notebook. One page for moods and another for tracker. Emoji symbols become very popular in trackers but if you want to be more specific or add more colors to tracker – use mood. I found perfect list of mood tracker for myself:

  • happy, excited
  • energetic
  • angry
  • stressed
  • calm
  • sad
  • active
  • normal
  • tired

Here is a sketch of my tracker. I did a background with watercolor to add blue and then painted flowers with gouache. I will fill every flower with mood, so kept petals empty.

I lined all flowers with a pen and add color to the April girl (don’t judge, it’s my first try to draw a human, I will improve). Filled small details on the dress and hair with gouache.

Last steps: small quote for inspiring and mood tracker is done.

If you want to try mood tracker but not ready to spend time for painting, we have a great free printable download tracker that you can print and use in your journal or separate: