People often ask me which pen to choose. I am always happy to share my purchases and everything that I’ve learned over the year in the bullet journal.

First of all, want to mention my favorites: Tombow Mono Drawing pen set.

It includes three size numbers:

# 1 Tombow Mono Drawing pen: Thin lines and outlines that you don’t really want to highlight too much, as well as light touches in lettering.

# 3 Tombow Mono Drawing pen: For me is the most popular size. All plans and tables I make with this pen. It looks very good and not too bright.

# 5 Tombow Mono Drawing pen: Isn’t the most frequently used number, but it will be useful sometimes. I usually make large letters, numbers and quotes with this pen. In my monthly April plan, I wanted to make the numbers bigger and the outline of the month – well-defined. Days of the week on a monthly plan I also did with # 5 Tombow Mono Drawing pen.

Using #5 Mono Drawing Pen in April Monthly Plan

Gel Pen

I use it mostly just for filling out plans, often interchangeable with the #1 Tombow Mono Drawing pen. The color when writing with gel pen is more saturated and bright.

Ballpoint Pen

Most likely, for me this is a pen that will never end. All that I do with it is filling out plans, if there is no gel pen at hand. I use our JoieThings dot grid notebook, where the quality of the paper is very high, so I don’t need to worry about translucency and I have no limitations in using pens. If your notebook is not of such high quality, perhaps you will use this pen more often.

Fudenosuke Tombow Brush Pen

Pen, which simply has no equal, but you need practice using it. If you have Mono Drawing Pens and you feel confident in calligraphy – feel free to order Fudenosuke Tombow Brush Pen. This pen is worth a try and the result will be 100% justified.

For simpler styles of alphabets and smaller fonts, I use a hard nib. For calligraphy, lots of letter turns and extra volume – the soft nib is my favorite.

Soft nib example
Hard nib example

This is my main daily set of pens without which my plans would not bring me pleasure and my journal wouldn’t please my eye. All the pens I use daily in our JoieThings dot Grid Notebooks, where the quality paper doesn’t let the ink go through. This makes my planning even more pleasant because you always want to start the week with a new clean page and without shadows of the last week.

These all are my everyday list of pens with which I feel myself comfortable.