Organizing your journal right and make it work for you is extremely important. All my month I separate with monthly covers that help me not to get lost in my plans and gives an opportunity for creativity and experiments with lettering in my bullet journal. I use Spring Garden JoieThings Dot Grid Notebook that has a very smooth paper texture without natural fibers what is extremely important for lettering. The high-quality paper holds ink very easy and will not bleed or ghost through the pages.

Here are some easy tips that will help you to letter monthly cover easily:

  • Make a sketch 

There is nothing bad about making a sketch. It allows you to see the cons and pros of your lettering and fix them until it’s not too late

  • Choose the right pen

If you have concerns about what pen to use – go to our blog post “What you need to know to find the right pen for your bullet journal”. It will help you with advice.

Photo from blog post “What everybody ought to know about easy Daffodil drawing in your bullet journal”
  • Write slowly

Number one rule in calligraphy: nice thin and thick strokes are the result of slow writing.

  • Volume to letters after you’re done

Don’t try to add volume to your letters if you didn’t finish the whole word. Take a breath, maybe the result will surprise you even without extra lines.

  • Write on a hard surface

Your writing surface must be hard because you don’t need “dancing” lines in your letters.

Here is also a small video of my lettering November to get inspiration and full process.

You also can find all my monthly covers in our Instagram @joiethings and don’t forget to share yours with us #joiethings