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I'm very glad that you picked up my site. My name is Olga and I'm staying at home mom with great passion to bullet journalling and drawing at all. I love drawing flowers, plants, decorative elements and hand lettering, of course. You will find only high quality products in my shop that I use for myself and variety ideas in my blog that will incorporate drawing and illustrations to your everyday life!





Ultra thick 160 gsm pages will never show through any pen, marker and even paint. Our notebooks are ready for all your work and art.



The white pages in our notebooks perfectly reproduce the colors of any markers, paint and pens. Extra white pages let you unleash your creativity and perfect for all bullet journal addicts.



Each notebook comes with elastic band, two bookmarks and large pocket

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Add a Floral Touch to Your Plans with Our Free Downloadable Flowers

As May brings warmer weather and blossoms in full swing, it's the perfect time to add a floral touch to your planner. In this article, we'll walk you through the process of creating a beautiful May monthly cover with grapple...

10 November covers for Bullet Journal

The end of October is a great time to start your November cover. I collected some inspiring ideas for your November monthly cover that will help you create incredible November spread. Source Source Source Source Source Source Source Source Source Source Source It's...

[101] Best Tips for lettering your monthly cover

Organizing your journal right and make it work for you is extremely important. All my month I separate with monthly covers that help me not to get lost in my plans and gives an opportunity for creativity and experiments with lettering in my bullet journal. I use...

See How Easily You Can Draw A Cat In Your Bujo

I like these cute cats the most from my May Bujo creations, so I decided to add step-by-step instructions on how to draw them. They are drawn very easily and will take you no more than five minutes. Supplies: JoieThings Dot Grid Notebook - Spring GardenSakura Silver...

What everybody ought to know about easy Daffodil drawing in your bullet journal

Everyone loves flowers, each in its own way.  Someone likes meadow flowers, others are crazy about roses.  I adore when people draw flowers with a bunch of small details and make total copy of real flower, it seems like a little more and you can take it in...

What you need to know to find right pen for your bullet journal

People often ask me which pen to choose. I am always happy to share my purchases and everything that I've learned over the year in the bullet journal. First of all, want to mention my favorites: Tombow Mono Drawing pen set. It includes three size numbers: # 1 Tombow...

April Monthly Plan – Free Download

While going through my old posts I found my last year April plan design and it looks incredible for me even in a year. Want to share the original design with you in printable version. Enjoy this April plan or create yours with our Dot Grid Notebooks that have 160 GSM...


It is important not to forget the Birthdays of people dear to you. This bright and floral Birthday tracker download is for all my subscribers, download and fill with dates that are dear to you. The Birthday tracker is specially build for A5 size, what gives...

April mood tracker in steps

Trackers are a big part of bullet journaling. Mood tracker become more and more popular, personally I find them very interesting. You can relax while painting and see your past month. Was your month really bad or you had very happy days? I do mood tracker every month...

How You Can Make Perfect Dahlia Flowers in five steps

Dahlia is a gorgeous looking flower that gives fresh accent and fits nicely in journal, but I was always scared to try it out due so many big and small petals, until now. I did numerous failed attempts to draw this flower until I found one secret: build the foundation...