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JoieThings dot grid notebooks featuring heavy 160GSM paper which make it ideal media for variety of tools, like: pens, pencils, markers and some paint types, which allows you to be creative in ways you was not able before.

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Paper is the most important and essential part of any notebook, that is the reason why we used 160 GSM paper. Such heavy paper is ideal for variety of tools, including: pens, pencils, markers and some types of paint. If you experience bleed-through or ghosting – this is not a case with our notebook. 


JoieThings dot grid notebook has 160 pages ( 80 sheets ), which is ideal size for your journaling needs and enough for you to create 53 weekly plans, 12 monthly plans and 30 pages for various trackers and free notes.


JoieThings dot grid notebook helps you to be organized, we have included basic but needed essentials, like: big pocket at the back, pen holder, elastic band and two bookmarks

Why paper is so important?

Most important part of the notebook is the paper. This is the reason why we dedicated so much attention to it. Countless times when you used marker or fountain pen and turning page over you see it ghosted or even worth bleed-through? It is restricting when you need to think about paper before creating. Not an issue anymore with notebooks from JoieThings. Heavy 160GSM paper which is outstanding in minimizing and preventing bleed-through for variety of tools: pencils, pens, markers and some types of paint. Just image how wonderful is to be creative without a fear of turning page around.

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